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In today’s busy world the available birthing classes do not always fit in with a busy schedule. The sessions I present  are conducted in your own home and at a mutually agreeable time. They are geared towards providing the information you require to have a fulfilling experience birthing your baby and entering into the exciting world of parenting.

There will be discussion around your understanding of the birth process, as well as your hopes and expectations.  Understanding the choices available to you in your chosen birthing method are important. This is so you can make the most of the opportunities that may enable you to exercise these choices.

Families sometimes make decisions based on opinion rather than evidence. As a consequence people are not always well informed, and are sometimes surprised by what follows.

The result of some of these experiences was what took me into the field of psychology. Having seen the distress that sometime follows unmet expectations or adverse events, I have broadened my scope of practice to include counselling, specialising in grief and bereavement.

Despite people’s best efforts to make the best decision at the time, given the information available, things do not always turn out as anticipated. Birth and Babies could be said to be an inexact science. My philosophy around birth and babies is that given the appropriate information and support people will make good decisions for themselves and their families.

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